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8 Steps to start blogging in 2022

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Blogging has been becoming more popular everyday around the world. Nowadays, people of every age are getting involved in blogging very actively. Besides them, there are many people who want to start blogging, but aren’t sure how to start blogging or the steps to start blogging.

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Here, you will know about the steps to start blogging in 2022. It will help you to start blogging.

What are the steps to start blogging?

Like any other task, you need to follow some steps if you want to start blogging. The number of steps can vary depending on many factors. But generally, there are 8 steps to start blogging. Those are:

  1. Check your interest level
  2. Enrich your knowledge
  3. Check your writing ability
  4. Select your niche
  5. Do keyword research
  6. Write some contents
  7. Choose platform
  8. Publish your content

These steps have been described below.

1. Check your interest level

To start blogging, you must have a high level of interest in it. Blogging is a thing which is not possible without a high level of interest. Blogging requires patience and dedication. We all know our patience and dedication highly depend on our interest level.

Blogging is not a short-term activity. It is a continuous and long-term activity. It requires time to get success. So, you need a lot of motivation and positive energy. If you are not interested enough, it is not possible to stay motivated with a lot of positive energy for a long time.

So, it is important to be sure about your interest level before starting blogging.

2. Enrich your knowledge

Knowledge is a priceless thing and it plays an important role in every sector. It is also the same for blogging. To start blogging, you must have proper knowledge.

When you are blogging, you need to understand that your content will work as a reflector of your knowledge. If you are not knowledgeable enough, then it is impossible to write quality content. Quality content is the key element to get success in blogging.

As blogging is a continuous activity and knowledge is endless, you must have to be up to date with things. So, it is important for you to keep learning from anything to enrich the level of knowledge.

To enrich your knowledge, you can read different books, articles, etc. It will help you to expand your thoughts and views.

3. Check your writing ability

Blogging is about writing content. You need to ensure quality writing to engage your readers.

Before starting blogging, you must check your writing ability. If you are confident enough about your writing, then it is good to go. Regular blogging will help you to improve your writing quality over time.

If you are not confident enough, then it is recommended to write some draft contents to check your writing ability. You can ask for reviews from your surrounding people on those drafts. It will help you to improve your writing ability and confidence level.

No matter how your writing ability is in the beginning, you should try to improve your writing ability and skill with every content. To improve your writing ability, you can join Skillshare. It is an online learning platform that can help you to improve your writing ability and skill.

4. Select your niche

Before starting blogging, you need to select a niche or multiple niches in which you are interested to start blogging.

Blogging is all about sharing knowledge, experiences, thoughts, etc by providing informative contents through the internet. I recommend you to select a niche or niches in which you have enough interest, knowledge, and expertise.

5. Do keyword research

After selecting your desired niche, you need to do some research on keywords related to your niche. It will help you to find and decide about the keyword or topic you should choose for your content.

Keyword research is a must for every single content to get success in blogging. It helps to understand the trend, search volume, etc of any keyword or topic. These things are very important for blogging as you need to write content as per the demand of readers.

There are many tools available on the internet for keyword research. You can use any one as your keyword research tool. Ahrefs, Keywords Everywhere, and Ubersuggest are the most popular tools for keyword research.

6. Write some contents

After doing keyword research, you have to start writing. I recommend you to write content everyday. It does not mean a complete content each day. It is not possible to write quality content everyday at the beginning.

If you write regularly, then it will create a rhythm for you. It is very important to get involved in content. It will help you to improve your thinking and writing ability to provide better content. You have to try to make your writing unique, well-managed, and informative.

During writing a content, you need to ensure that your content is error free. You must avoid spelling or grammatical errors to make your content understandable to readers. You can use Grammarly to keep your writing error free. It is an online tool that takes care of writing errors.

7. Choose platform

When you are ready with your content, you need to decide about the platform or platforms where you want to publish your content. You can publish your content on blogs that are available for all to post. Alternatively, you can publish your content on your own blog.

If you want to publish your content through a public blogging site, then you will find many blogs online that accept content from all over the world. You just need to find out and sign up for a blog, which is related to your selected niche or niches.

On the other hand, You can publish your content through your own blog. You need to create a blog that represents you. For that, you need to buy a domain name and hosting plan to set up your blog.

If you have a future vision with your blogging, then it is recommended to post your content into your own blog. It will be more professional and valuable for you.

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8. Publish your content

After making a decision on where to publish your content, you are ready to publish your content.

If you have decided to publish into a public blog, then you might have to follow some rules to publish your content. Generally, blogs that allow people to post contents, review all the contents before approval.

If you decide to go with your own blog, then you can publish your content anytime with your own approval.

Blogging can add values in many different ways in your life. So, if you are thinking of starting blogging in 2022, then you should start it. You just need to follow the above discussed 8 steps to start blogging.

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